Thursday, February 16, 2012

rainy day. cold. i managed to throw together my Sunday post for shs, although not overly thrilled with it. managed to do the dishes and wipe down kitchen. managed to start laundry. take a shower. edit the above photo.
that's all i feel like managing today. my knitting is not begging me to pick up the needles and enjoy the relaxing click. the outdoors are not waiting for me to shoot, thanks to mother nature. all Dudley wants to do is snuggle and sleep. i have no book begging me to read it. mostly, i wish for and need days like this. but today, i am having trouble trying to just
be still.
i feel like i am restless inside..
maybe i just don't want to 'manage' anymore. maybe i want to have the gusto and confidence and ability to get out there.
i truly believe that God doesn't put a song in your heart, a passion in your soul, doesn't create you with talent and creative eyes..if he doesn't plan on paving the way for you to use it for His purpose.
i was just talking to about this last night. posing the question about our passion for photography and capturing God's beautiful creation through our lenses and the ability to turn those images into art.
the question was..
if we share this passion, this art, these photographs of His beauty..
is that not a form of witnessing?
utilizing what others may not see.

patience is not something i practice well. i will freely and openly admit that. my journey has begun. my soul is stirring. i know He has plans for me. a purpose to use me.

so after all that..
here is my prayer..

You know my heart.
 You know i am not patient. 
You know i have trouble being still
You created me for a purpose. You created me with a vision to see what others pass by. You created me with Your song in my heart. Your pictures and words stirring in my soul, making me restless to share them, to spread to others what i feel.
i know You have this all planned out.
but i am human. it drives me crazy not knowing the when, where, why and how.
help me to let loose of my need to know, my need to control.
help me to be patient.
 to be still.
help me to see that You are already laying the path, stone by stone.
through the people You are placing in my life. 
through the equipment you have blessed me with. 
through seeing random hearts to remind me You are there and You love me. 
show me the little blessings on this path, on my journey.
the stones You are laying down so my feet are steady as i walk and move forward. 
thank you for my past, my present and the future you are blessing me with.
use me for Your purpose!

Your child,

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  1. If it is any managed to get more accomplished than I did today. I haven't left the house at all today, I had good intentions tho :). This rain is just bone chilling to me. Think I will put on a fire and cozy up with a blanket and a book as soon as I get home from picking up my youngest at school. You have your SHS done???? You are DEF ahead in the game!