Sunday, November 13, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

i've been in a funk here. didn't do the hunt last week and felt terrible about it because it forces me to be creative. so even though the 'molly grubbs' are still with me (UGH!) here i am this week.

hunt items were: Before & After, Opposing Lines, Custom Bokeh, Which Pair Of Shoes Should I wear? and Little Features.

1) Custom Bokeh: UGH! i tried, oh i tried, to follow the tutorial and make the disc with a star cut out, but, UGH again, i couldn't figure it out and was getting frustrated. sooo, i have a lot of lighting with pierced tin and shot that. kind of 'custom bokeh'? i know, not really!

2) Opposing Lines: LOVED the look of this old bridge across a creek with the lighting and fall leaves!

3) Which Pair Of Shoes Should I Wear?
well, i am a nurse and if i am not in those shoes i am a flip flop girl, even in the winter (can't take the FLA out of me completely!). so at my mom's urging for a pair of 'photoshoot' funky rubber boots (i tend to get muddy LOL), i went searching. (i LOVE sales & bargains!)

oh my...which ones?

so i got the pink plaids...LOVED em'!

BUT..they KILLED my i traded them in for the black & white polka dot pair! can't wait to try them out:-)

 4) Little Features: well, no little ones in my house anymore. except my lil' girl here. she is the youngest of my pets. i had to bottle feed her to save her life. she was so tiny she could curl up in the palm of my hand when the boys brought her out of a cornfield. she was actually our golden retriever's lil' girl. followed her everywhere. even ate out of the dog food bowl with her. they were best buds. but since our dog's passing in June, she has been my little shadow, as she misses her dog mommy terribly. i LOVE to photograph her, she is very photogenic for a kitty! meet 'TUCKER'.

5) Before & After: OK, this is the only one i pulled from the archives. as i stated above, 'molly grubb' has been visiting me, so me & photo shop have been avoiding each other. PLUS..i love the editing i did in this photo!



hope to hear from you!
wishing you all a blessed week!


  1. What a great set for the themes. I am most particle to Tucker! Happy Sunday.

  2. "Molly Grub"....I know that. Hope she passes by soon. She can be tenacious.
    Your Tucker is adorable. I have a cat shot this week too. She's like a little angel. Hope your polka dot boots feel beter on your feet. For me, it's all about comfort.

  3. LOVE your lines shot ;D And what CUTE boots!

  4. Really nice job - I love your opposing lines shot.

  5. My favorite is your opposing lines

  6. What a great set. I hear you on the custom bokeh! If I didn't have a friend here, I'm sure I would have thrown in the towel! Your shoe shots, and little features are wonderful

  7. Love your opposing lines shot! And your new boots are adorable!

  8. The that shot.