Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Creative Outlet

i can't imagine not being blessed with that creative desire, deep down within me. it is my outlet. my way of centering myself. finding peace. i long to do this for a living. to wake up each day, refreshed and new. full of wonder. seeing God's beauty and using what He gave me to glorify Him.
i have a nursing job interview this afternoon. nerves consume me. not my lack of skill, but my desire to move on to better things. get back to my nursing roots so to speak.
so what am i doing?
playing around with a pic of 'Gordon' the cow on photo shop. experimenting with texture layers.
it is grounding me a bit. so i don't pace around getting myself in a nervous tizzy!
and i trust God will open the doors He has prepared for me.
here's my creative outlet for the moment.

say a prayer.
wish me luck.



  1. I just love this photo! The composition, the editing choices, the creativity. Bravo! And I hope for you that whatever you are hoping for...comes thru for you.


  2. WOW Thanks Kathy! It means alot to hear your encouraging words!!!!

  3. I see so much improvement in your skills!!! You are such an amazing person, never forget that! Love, Cole