Sunday, November 27, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

been a hectic week here. only one day off work since our last hunt. appointments. cooking & baking. few days of rain. so, UGH i haven't touched my camera in a week. almost decided not to 'hunt' this week. but i LOVE participating in Scavenger Hunt Sunday with Ashley over at
Ramblings & Photos.
soo..i searched through my files and did a little editing for this weeks hunt items!
here goes...

1) Waiting~
i don't know why this scene moved me but it did. and as i was searching for this prompt, i knew why. a field of dried up, dead sunflowers against the glorious colors of the fall trees in the background, made me emotional. made me feel that even though we are drained, feel dried up and useless, we are 'waiting' and will shine again, to lift our faces towards the sun. (does this make ANY sense to anyone?)

2) Foliage~
LOVE this photo. the colors and the feeling.

3) Candid~
french toast anyone? meet 'tigger'..our oldest at 14 and a recently diagnosed diabetic requiring insulin twice a need sugar-free syrup old man! good thing the griddle hadn't been plugged in to warm yet.

4) Knife, Fork or Spoon~
LOVE my antiques!

5) Rules of Thirds~

so these are some 'old' but made 'new' prompts. as always i'd LOVE to hear from you.

wishing you ALL a blessed week ahead!


  1. Your first and last shots are them.

  2. Fantastic interpretation and capture on your "waiting" prompt! Love the muted fall colors in the background played against the dried field in the front. And your words are beautiful too. Great job! HOpe you had a wonderful Thanksgiving my friend :)


  3. So glad you came to play. love your interpretations. The first shot is lovely.

  4. Shayla, I really like your images, particularly your kitty on the griddle and that last one.

  5. great set! especially the three last photos! candid photo is so sweet!

    Light Trigger: OUR ENTRY

  6. Fun candid - I have a Tigger too though she won't jump up on the counter (which is probably a good thing). Nice images.