Sunday, November 20, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

it's Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

trying to be 'encouraged' here. as winter takes away so much color. but it's forcing me to think outside the box and photograph some of the things i LOVE in my home. just like this weeks prompts did. and in order to start sending 'molly grubb' on her way, i started shooting photos for hunt on Sunday as soon as they were posted.
really enjoyed this weeks prompts.
so without further blabbing...

1) Mainly One Color:

finally got our wood burning fireplace inspected and given the okay to use. so excited as this one is in my studio. after our last storm, hubby and i started a woodpile from the downed tree branches.
woohoo, my very own first woodpile! this is SOOC and i love the simplicity of color.

Cole, my oldest son, is starting to bring home some of his artwork from his high school commercial art and illustration shop as he is a senior now, this was done when he was a freshman, a sunflower. untouched, SOOC. starting to build his portfolio for art college this summer. again, i love the simplicity of just the B&W.

2) Around The Home:

love yarn! love old salvaged stuff! this is the old door hanging thing mom & i built from 2 old cabinet doors and old found hardware, that i mentioned a few hunts back. holds coats, hats, scarves, ect. and i also LOVE the photos i got of some of my yarn piles, yummy colors! this is what feels homey to me. especially now in the winter weather. that and the homemade banana bread i just took out of the oven:-)


never..ever have photos of me! BUT i tried to take a few, and lo and behold, i got a little bokeh HEART! that's the ONLY reason this is in the hunt. i love finding random hearts!

amazed at the color this yellow leafed maple gave off in the water. i sat on this rock for quite awhile just staring into the water.
time for a moment of peaceful reflection.

4) Writing:

i have a thing for old typewriters, though i haven't splurged on one yet, i am always looking. you just can't duplicate the font or the way the written word looks on paper from an old typewriter.

5) Water:

actually got my 'water' prompts when i was looking at my 'reflection' tree. for some reason, the water was really splashing that day, making it look like tiny bits of light bouncing off the water. these 2 photos are SOOC, i thought they deserved to be left untouched.

click on over to SHS with Ashley at 'Ramblings & Photos' and check out some incredibly talented photographers.
as always i love to hear your comments!

blessings to you!


  1. That typewriter is amazing! Love the wood too, nothing better than the smell of a fireplace on a chilly night!

  2. I have a thing for yarn too. It's so beautiful! Love the typrewriter shot too.

  3. How inventive all this is.
    You make me feel better about our house now :-)
    Our entire place looks like your ancient door.
    Can't believe that people out there actually have that for preference.

  4. These are all so beautiful, love them!


  5. Your son is very talented. Love his work. Your photos are all incredibly beautiful!

  6. Your reflection shot is so creative and your son is very talented.

  7. Gorgeous set! Loved the wood, yarn and water shots!

  8. I LOVE that "around the home" shot of the door! Honestly, I felt "at home" just looking at it. Wonderful job!


  9. The processing on the second shot is very cool.

  10. Reflections is so pretty, as is the water.