Saturday, November 12, 2011


let this old life crumble, let it fade...
let this new life offered, be your saving grace...
(jeremy camp)

kind of been in a 'funk' lately. haven't blogged. had my camera out, but have felt uninspired. life feels heavy. i know i should be casting my burden, worry, insecurities and fears upon my God, laying it all at His feet, turning to the Word for comfort, but i haven't been.
are we afraid of the 'new life' at times?
i know i am.
even though the 'old life' is hard, heavy, burdened with fear and lonliness, we feel secure in it. we know what to expect. and come to expect nothing more. it is stable. nothing more, nothing less.
even though 'new life', with God as our father, leading our every step, holding our every tear...and our KNOWING that through Him, ALL things are possible, it's hard.
that's where faith comes in.

so then i question myself, my faith. i don't feel strong enough. i need more. i need to rid myself of worry and of insecurity. i know how to get to the 'saving grace', it's a matter of FULLY letting that 'old life' crumble and fade away.


this is about me, having the faith to trust. to believe in myself. and to see myself as my God sees me. as a beautiful creation full of gifts and glory to share.

i saw this bird's nest by chance the other day. it called me over and i was so thankful i had my camera with me. i saw that we all have seasons, like the trees. that even when the leaves fade away, crumble to the ground, there is still beauty left. bright red berries against God's glorious blue sky. and a nest that was once securely tucked away and protected, is now out in the open, sharing it's beauty.

i am rambling...
does anyone get me here?
i got out what i needed too, for now.
hope to see you soon.


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