Monday, July 25, 2011

Today as I was driving home from work, window down, first actual comforting breeze in days, it dawned on me that it was a beautiful morning to take pictures. Sky was hazy & overcast. I felt a strong urge to photograph my boys. I drove around a little longer before turning towards home, looking for spots that spoke to me in some way to use as backgrounds. Got home, put blueberry cornbread in the oven to bake and prepped a chef salad for dinner, went upstairs and woke up my boys. I still love watching them wake up out of a good sleep, voices groggy, rubbing their eyes and stretching. I announced the plan and after a small amount of grumbling they appeared and got ready for our excursion. This post is not about the great pictures I took today, moments captured of them. It is about a wrong turn we took, out exploring, ending up in a cemetery. A quiet place that seemed plopped down right in the middle of a neighborhood. As we were driving through, a large statue caught my eye.
Turns out it was an area for Catholic priests as several had headstones around the statue. 'Stop' I said. Wanting to take a quick photo of the statue. But as I zoomed in from the passenger seat, I opened the car door and began walking towards it.
I felt such a calling to get close, to zoom my lens in on the small intricate details. Not one full image photo, but to capture the inner parts that I was being drawn to.
The sacrifice in Jesus eyes, pain in His face...
God's hand, desperately reaching for His son's. I wanted to reach up and hold His hand, touch His fingertips, I could sense the love in every detail. I longed to belong.
It was overwhelming, the feelings I was having as I snapped picture after picture. I wanted to stay in 'Their' presence.
It was so peaceful. Quiet. A moment to reflect. Be Close. Be thankful. Be grateful.
To be loved.
As I turned to walk away, appreciative that my boys allowed me that moment on my own, I almost felt spiritually cleansed, renewed. A moment that is with me on my new journey.
I hope these photos speak to you, ignite something in your souls!

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  1. Your words are so meaningful and inspirational. I love you mom!