Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Mother's Love~

(Rebekah Shae)
I was blessed when God entrusted me to nurture and carry Gael into this world. I have been blessed again to come full circle, beginning a new journey of love and family. She is a bright and shining star in God's kingdom. Her joy and laughter fill me up. My heart is now whole, that empty space over 18 years is full again. I was overcome with emotion seeing her again, and have to admit impatience now, because I want more. More time. More hugs. More talks. More of looking into her beautiful face, her loving eyes. Thank you God, for our blessed reunion and thank you for the journey we are embarking on. My love is overflowing for her. My daughter. My friend. I can only pray that she and I will have the friendship that my mother and I have one day. God's love will build a bridge, between her heart and mine. 
Love you Gael! 

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