Friday, July 29, 2011

In My Arts Eyes

I painted this old salvaged table last year. It had been dumped on the side of the road after a FL hurricane and so I carted it all the way up to PA because I thought it had good bones! I like to save things! So, I've never been overly in love with the end result, but it's purpose was a painting table anyway in my new studio. Some of the first painting I had ever done. I am very critical of myself, having a difficult time walking away and being at peace with what I've done when it comes to art. So, I've just been piling stuff on it for months, covering it up. Then the other day, the weather eased up and the cooler breezes came (gone now of course), so I decided to move this table onto my front porch; to eat at it, browse blogs on laptop, enjoy the relief in the weather, ect. Because the table was right in front of me again, I was forced to look at it. Little by little I started breaking it down in 'my arts eye', piece by piece, looking at it from different angles, finding beauty in the little parts that had nothing to do with the painting as a whole. Camera out and I start shooting. I love some of the pics I came up with! What do you think???


  1. My wish and prayer for you is to never doubt your abilities. You are incredibly talented.