Sunday, July 31, 2011

31 Shots in 31 Days

As August approaches, I will embark on a 31 day journey. Carry my camera with me everywhere, take a picture daily, of something that makes me stop, makes me think, moves me emotionally in some way. This is the final 31 days until I turn 40 on September 1st. I hope to be quiet, stop and watch, listen to God's voice. In this 31 day photo shoot, I hope to hear from God, take time to fully see His creation, and find scripture that correlates with each photo in my mind, getting me into the Word daily. A few others will join me on their own journeys, I hope they are blessed as well. I will post daily, except when I am in Maine for a few days, I will post a multi-day post when I return. Pray for me to see the world as God sees it through the lens of my camera.

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