Sunday, July 24, 2011

So...after long thought, I have decided to start a blog. So many things get in the way...fear and worry mostly (I am working on that!), that no one will be interested in my little spot of the world. Lack of confidence in myself and my artistic ability. But I NEED this to move forward on my journey. I NEED this! One of my favorite quotes..."His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me.' is something I try to tell myself frequently. 'Not a sparrow falls...'. I am approaching the big '40'. So many mixed feeling about that...but mostly the question that keeps popping up is 'Where do I want the next leg of my journey to lead?' So many things I want to do different this time around. To me, turning 40 feels like a fresh start, it does not scare me, it does not make me feel OLD, in fact I want to embrace it with every fiber in my being! Stopping to see all God's beauty around me, breathing it in, filling my soul with those special moments that we ALL tend to pass up. As they say, stop sweating the small stuff! The things that bog us down are so insignificant compared to God's love and grace. One day at a time!
I want my blog to reflect the things I love. Moments captured on camera of everyday life that make me stop and think, make me smile, speak to me. To share my art, my knitting, soap making, my home. Hopefully inspire or make just one person smile. To share my faith.
I have quietly admired several blogs for some time. LOVE Artful Blogging by Somerset Studio and breath in every entry, every photo. My goal? Start joining those blogs and speaking up, letting my secret kindred souls know how much their blogs have moved and inspired me. I go!

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  1. Moments are only important if they are thought about; so, dare to feel, write & share. Remember the most important part is the journey because the destination can be changed.