Sunday, December 16, 2012

I'm Here....

haven't been here in months.
excuse after excuse i could give.
but that won't change things.
my son actually brought my lack of blogging to
my attention the other day.
apparently he was looking here while at school.
never thought they really cared.
not now. not at this point in their lives.
but it reminded me that it isn't 'now' that matters.
it's when i am gone that i hope they will come here and find a 
little piece of me.
the good. the bad.
and remember.
to read my words and hear my voice.
to look at my photographs and see what i have seen.

but today is a lonely day for me.

i miss my Dad.
i want my Mom near me.
my boys are becoming men and i am feeling the loss almost daily it seems now.
i miss my husband.
life is busy, so is my best friend.

i never wanted to stand alone in life.
i wanted my children to have a childhood like mine.
loneliness leaves one to much time to think.
to remember.
to reflect.

until the next post...
i promise myself and my boys i will work on that.


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